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Size: 6m long x 0.6m deep x 2.4m high  Materials: European Oak, Brass

The clients for this commission approached me looking for a shelving solution for a large empty wall in their home. After a few ideas were thrown around we settled on a bank of library style oak bookcases.

The room that houses it is mainly used for entertaining, so the central unit is designed as a large drinks cabinet, with storage for an entire bar's worth of bottles and glasses. Bi-folding glazed pocket doors tuck away in dedicated recesses so that the bar can be opened up for parties and everything closed away after everyone has gone home.

A solid oak ladder hooks on to the brass rail and makes every shelf easy to reach, whilst the over cabinet lighting is controlled by a switch at the door; small unique details make this library a really special addition to the home.

Sturdy construction and a hand applied finish mean this library will stand the test of time.