oak refectory table
wedge bespoke oak table
oak table breadboard end
oak table breadboard detail
oak trestle table

Refectory Style Oak Dining Table

Size: 2.7m x 1m  Materials: English Pippy Oak

The clients for this commission came to me looking for a large oak table that would suit their beautiful old manse house and be large enough for those big family get togethers.

The overhang on the ends of the table is big enough that you can't bang your knees on the legs at any seating position with a crowded table - something that was a problem with their previous furniture.

The table is also designed with a 'knock-down' base which means it can be flat packed for transport with relative ease when it gets passed down through the generations.

Traditional time tested handcut joinery and construction methods mean this table will last for hundreds of years; breadboard ends will keep the top flat whilst the through-wedge stretcher can never become loose.